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Creepy .gif

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Here are a few .gifs that I have found. Click on each image and watch. I promise there are no screamers. I personally hate them. Enjoy.


Wiki entries.

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Some of these are very disturbing.


Time paradox

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E.V.P. or electronic voice phenomenon is allegedly the voices of the dead captured through some kind of recording device. I find them very interesting and although there are some explanations to what they could be including stray radio waves and just hoaxes it makes you wonder. I am not saying they are what they claim to be or are not  just listen to a few examples here. (I do not claim any of these as my own and don’t worry non of these are those stupid videos where at the ends something jumps out and make you want to shit your pants. I hate those and will not post them here.)



If any of you would like to try this on your own here are some basic instructions.

You need a recorder obviously. Try to use digital ones you can get one from Walmart or Radioshack relatively cheap.  The analog recorders pick up a lot of mechanical noise from the spool and can be read as possible false positives or just drown out anything you may have captured.  A white nose generator is also recommended  by some claiming that a spirit can manipulate the sound to communicate with you but many EVPs are recorded not using this. Now all you need is a locations and some basic questions to ask. Try to stay simple. “Is anyone here? What is your name?” so on and so forth. Try to allow 10-20 sec. between questions. Make not of any sounds you do here during your session so you can rule them out during the review process. Try not to move around the room with the recorder you will pick up a lot of irritating whooshing from air moving over the mic. If you would like to email the raw sound file i would be more that happy to go over it and post it here for you if I find anything. Send them to