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Creepy Pics VII

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Horror films

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Here is some of my favorites.  Some of them are a little cheesy but who doesn’t like a cheap horror flick.


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Winter, a time of beauty. Picture a peaceful snow covered landscape in the early morning hours. It is a crisp, clear day. The snow crunches beneath your feet. The frigid northern wind begins to bite at your nose and cheeks. You could turn back before the storm rolls in, but you continue forward in awe of the panorama laid out ahead of you. The bright blue sky begins to gray. Gray turns to black and the snow begins to fall, lightly at first but quickly intensifying. As you turn to begin your trek back to warmth that hopeless feeling stirs in the pit of our stomach. Your tracks are now engulfed in the squall. A panic eats through the hopeless pit and in turn quickens your pace.

As night moves in and the temperature drops. Your progress is slowed. All hope is lost and you collapse. The beauty that is winter burns your extremities now. A light rises on the horizon. It quickly grows as it makes it’s way toward you. If you had the energy you would shout. As the light arrives you struggle to look up. You see them. Figures in the purest white. The others like you, lost to the elements, have come to call you home. As they surround you a warmth encases you. Your eyes close and peace comes. Until winter comes again and you wander the landscape in search of the lost and weary.

Creepy Pasta IV

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I find myself concerned and unable to sleep by the events of the past few nights. Friday was a perfectly normal day. You know the normal routine someone might follow before they go to work; wake up, take a piss, brush my teeth, get dressed, let the dog out, have a smoke, drink coffee, and go to work. That is the same, day in and day out. I do my work and come home, let the dog out, have dinner, get the kids in bed and settle down for the evening. Eventually my wife and I end up in bed as well. Anyway, Friday night after we headed for bed I felt a little restless so I popped in a movie and eventually became tired enough to try to sleep. The only issue was the dog. He wanted to play, which was strange for this time of night. Normally he is ready for bed before we are. First I could hear his tags jingling up and down the stairs, then he would hop onto the end of the bed and chew on my feet for a little while. A few times I was awoken by a cold nose in an awkward place. Then the dog would start with the squeaky ball right next to my head. After hours and hours of this going on he finally settled down and let my go back to sleep.

This same scenario repeated for the following two nights but increasing in intensity. Same deal and the worst part is really the jingling tags. All of his other nightly activities would only last a minute or two then he would go back to running around, making more noise than I knew was possible. I am pretty sure he was chasing his tail right next to the bed, on my side of course. On occasion I would sit up and hear a low growl. So I flipped on the light, but he always managed to lay down before I could yell at him. I just wanted to sleep so I hoped he was done each time, but as soon as I turned out the lights he’d be at it again. Every time I yelled at him with the lights off, it would prompt him to jump on and off the bed and stand over me drooling.

So here I am three nights of this with minimal to no sleep. I was getting ready for bed earlier this evening and I asked my wife if she could take the dog’s collar off when we go to sleep, because of all the noise he’s been making the past few nights, and I hadn’t slept well because of it. Her reply is why I am still awake. She told me she has been taking the dogs collar off before bed every night since we got him. I don’t know why this ever slipped my mind, or what is running rampant through my house at that ungodly hour. I do know it’s not my dog. It seems friendly as long as I don’t move. I don’t know what it would do if I tried to retaliate in any way. All I can do is wait here try to stay awake and hope it stays out of my daughters’ room.

Creepy Pics III

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Time paradox

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